Insights on the “Activated Wellbeing Workplace”

Among industry leaders at the 2017 Workplace Strategy Summit in Sydney was Eminè Mehmet, speaking on the “Activated Wellbeing Workplace” on behalf of IA Design. Eminè shared key innovations on how to build, maintain and benefit from an activated wellbeing workplace in today’s dynamic working environment.

The Activated Wellbeing Workplace by Emine Mehmit | IA Design

Understanding the difference between wellness and wellbeing

Wellness: a one-dimensional concept relating to an individual’s physical health.

Wellbeing: a holistic, fifth-dimensional concept relating to an individual’s physical, mental, social, financial and environmental wellbeing.

By definition, a wellbeing workplace is one that supports the five elements of wellbeing. A workplace that provides individuals with an environment to make informed and educated decisions about their wellbeing.

What makes an “activated” wellbeing workplace?

An activated wellbeing workplace is one that closely monitors and improves the effectiveness of your wellbeing strategies. It means ensuring that your wellbeing efforts are consistently making a positive impact on your strongest asset – your people.

How? The key success factor in reaching an activated wellbeing workplace is the ability to link your organisational culture with your physical environment. Your culture needs to inform your physical environment to form a synergy between the two.

Why? The importance placed upon culture has significantly increased in recent times. The distinction between work and life has become increasingly blurred, resulting in a changed view of the workplace. There has been a significant shift away from the workplace being simply “a place of work”, and rather employees demand flexibility, convenience, care and even the benefits of a social environment from their workplace. Undoubtedly, culture is now a fundamental drawcard in attracting and retaining great people.

So when it comes to reaching an activated wellbeing workplace – culture and environment are the two ingredients to success. Your culture provides the sense of belonging that your people need and your environment provides the platform to achieve and activate your wellbeing objectives.

How to implement an activated wellbeing workplace:

“Give people what they want and they will like you for now. Give people what they need and they will value you forever.” – Simon Sinek

  1. PLAN: Get to know your people. Understand what they need and what ‘wellness’ means to them from every angle: physical, mental, social financial & environmental.
  2. DO: Implement your plan into your design and construction. Work with designers and workplace strategists to design and create a workplace environment that supports the needs of your culture.
  3. CHECK: Monitor your workplace. Check-in with your people to ensure your environment is achieving the objectives it set out to.
  4. ACT: Iterate. Arguably the most important element in achieving an activated wellbeing workplace is the follow-up. Periodically, check-in with your people, revise your strategy, change your environment, check-in again. Rinse and repeat.

What does an activated wellbeing workplace look like?

Activated Wellbeing Workplace - IA Design
RENASCENT: Provide inviting spaces for people to eat & socialise
Activated Wellbeing Workplace - IA Design
PEPSICO: Desks positioned near windows; Timber colour tops reduce glare, biophilia, improved air quality
Activated Wellbeing Workplace - IA Design
345 GEORGE STREET END OF TRIP: Promote fitness, healthy food options
Activated Wellbeing Workplace - IA Design
MURDOCH UNIVERSITY: Multiple spaces to work from. Acoustic for each area considered
Activated Wellbeing Workplace - IA Design
THE ADMINISTRATIVE APPEALS TRIBUNAL: Stairs to connect floors, increase movement, connectivity
Activated Wellbeing Workplace – IA Design
THE AEC HOBART: Plants to improve air quality & create connection to nature - Biophilia

About Eminè Mehmet and IA Design

Eminè is the Founder & CEO of WELL Space. She has a long career in Interior Design & Project Management working for industry leading firms and is a member of WELL Faculty, a WELL Accredited Professional, & a Green Star Accredited Professional.

With a strong background in sustainable advocacy, Eminè believes sustainability and wellness can be incorporated into every person’s life at home and at work.

“My vision is to create spaces that are healthy & have low impact on the planet today & for future generations.”

Eminè works in partnership with IA Design to design and deliver activated wellbeing workplaces for clients. Her experience coupled with the design expertise from IA Design has helped clients realise the benefits of a robust wellbeing strategy and implementation in the workplace.

Discover how your organisation could benefit from an activated wellbeing workplace. Speak the IA Design team. 


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