“T-Squared and A Dress” – IA Design features at VIVID 2017

“T-Squared and A Dress” – IA Design features at VIVID 2017

The IA Design team is thrilled to announce its inaugural exhibition in VIVID 2017. In collaboration with Haron Robson, the IA Design team showcased a powerful exhibition promoting an awareness of Australian women in architecture: “T-Square and a Dress”.

“T-Square and A Dress” was intended to create familiarity and awareness of the female influence on our built environment.

The installation covered a little history in an ingenious and playful way; first drawing on various architectural structures dating from the nineteenth century when Australian women’s contributions to architecture was mostly through background influence or by commissioning buildings.

It then introduced us to some of Australia’s first qualified female architects: Florence Taylor (1879–1969), Ruth Alsop (1879–1976) and the astounding Marion Mahony Griffin (1871–1961) who, with her husband Walter Burley Griffin, created the vision for Australia’s new capital, Canberra.

From there the display moved through to the mid-twentieth century, when there were many females in practice, often as part of husband-and-wife teams. It concludes with examples of Australian women architects who currently excel in the field.

The fascinating narrative of this work also highlighted the continuing struggle experienced by women in the field and the need to tackle long-ingrained attitudes and stigmas associated with women in construction industries.

The exhibition was located in the Rocks on the corner of Atherden St and George St, and ran from May 26th to June 17th.

Special mention to Design Manger, Jenny Oxley, for driving the success of this inspiring installation and all contributing architects for their incredible designs including one of our talented Revit Interiors Technicians, Raquel Chiusoli. 

IA Design - VIVID
Mia Brill (Senior Interior Designer), Jenny Oxley (Design Manager) and Racquel Chiusoli (Revit Interiors Technician) from IA Design.


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