Workshopping with QUT: “The Smart City”

Workshopping with QUT: “The Smart City”

IA Design Senior Designer Graham Stanley and Workplace Strategist Craig Hansen attended a Co-Creation Process Workshop centred on the notion of the “Smart City”.

Alongside new client partners, Craig Hansen and Graham Stanley from the Brisbane studio recently attended a Co-Creation Process Workshop facilitated by Professor Marcus Foth and Irina Anastasiu from the QUT Informatics Research Lab, located within the QUT Creative Industries Faculty.

The theme of the workshop centred round the notion of the ‘Smart City’ and a diverse range of local stakeholders with expertise in both co-creation processes and complimentary areas, spent an inspiring morning exploring ideas, tools and approaches relevant for the development of a co-creation pathway and ultimately, a number of new urban innovation hubs.

Exciting conversations were had around how the hub could operate, what type of stakeholders would be involved, how technology could support its activity and what type of projects could be targeted to improve the city.

Craig and Graham enjoyed working collaboratively with a range of the workshop participants to brainstorm & share ideas, define a set of smart city hub principles and prioritise them around a clear implementation and evaluation strategy.

The workshop has coincided with some exciting workplace strategy & conceptual design projects that have just kicked off for the Brisbane studio. Craig and Graham look forward to sharing updates on progress in the coming months.

It was rewarding to take part in such an inspiring workshop, with the common aim of bringing together people, place and technology towards participatory city-making.
~ Graham Stanley, Senior Interior Designer

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