Since their beginnings in 2011 in Adelaide, South Australia, HappyCo has built a reputation as one of the fastest growing property management software companies in the world. With a stronghold on the US market, HappyCo set their sights on creating a permanent presence in Adelaide, alongside the state’s growing technology sector.

Pulling on the essence of what HappyCo stands for as a business, the overall creative approach for this project was unavoidable in its definition — HappyCo is happy.

The conceptual drive began with varied forms of the smiling ‘happy face’ that were extrapolated to create the form, texture, and movement of the space. The literal expression of happiness was metaphorically transformed through the use of curves, circles and squiggles, into a physical form that strives to evoke that exact emotion.

HappyCo pushes the boundaries of typical office design through lively features such as the bold relationship between colour, playful aspects such as indoor swings, and intrigue through a hidden bookshelf door to relaxation lounges. These eccentric features provide a break from reality, responding successfully to HappyCo’s values of connection, flexibility, and happiness.

HappyCo’s workplace responds to the modern-day working environment, where employees appreciate their own space, requiring privacy for video-conferencing capabilities as well as versatility in the way that they work.

The upstairs work zone sees the progression to saturated, deeper colours, with the purpose of creating a comfortable, residential aesthetic.

IA focused on nurturing HappyCo’s branding, purposefully bringing visibility back to their Adelaide roots through an attention-grabbing entry space that is visible to the public.

The hospitality atmosphere on the ground floor encourages interface and connection among employees, focusing on providing an atypical office environment.

HappyCo’s new home encourages interaction and movement while enticing people back into the workplace with its convivial and comforting atmosphere.


Project Size

970 sqm

Completion Date

January 2022


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