Lucid Consulting – Workplace Fitout

A unique, futuristic home for Lucid Consulting.

Inspired by the spirit of innovation, IA aimed to push the limits of office interiors, creating a futuristic and high-tech aesthetic at 80 Flinders Street, Adelaide for Lucid Consulting’s new workplace fitout.

Low-height joinery in solid, dark forms bring weight to a space surrounded by curved metallic forms and bright, electric pops of colour in the form of furniture and overhead joinery.

The lighting takes centre stage and further highlights the feature curves, drawing attention to the ceiling services and accentuating elements that the Lucid team themselves design and document on a daily basis.

It was truly a joy to work alongside our counterparts at Lucid to successfully deliver this trailblazing, one-of-a-kind environment.

Address: 80 Flinders Street, Adelaide

Completion Date: June 23

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